Year Event
Amarr Minmatar Caldari Gallente
2730 AD The solar system is fully colonized
3691 AD Warp technology is discovered
3805 AD The conformists, a group within the unified catholic church, settles on Soekheviti
3841 AD The conformists take control of Soekheviti
3897 AD The conformists lose power and are exiled from Soekheviti
4224 AD Warp drives for ships invented
7703 AD Wormhole opens
7987 AD EVE Gate opens
7989 AD The conformists start migrating to the world of EVE, spurred on by Dano Gheinok, one of their leaders, Gheinok manages to direct them to the of Athra
7989 AD The third planet in the VH-451 system is bought by a mega-corporation, small-scale colonization starts soon after The second planet in the VH-451 system is bought by people from the Tau-Ceti system of french origin
8000 AD Dano Gheinok proclaims himself prophet and sets the foundations of the Amarr Theocracy State to come
8017 AD The system CMS-17 is discovered, later renamed Pator. The main planet, Matar, is quickly colonized, due to its very hospitable conditions
8052 AD The last colony ship arrives from Tau-Ceti before EVE closes
8061 AD The EVE Gate is closed as the wormhole collapses
8061 AD The same year as EVE closes the last group of conformists arrives on Athra. The conformists all settle on the continent of Amarr, from which they later take their name.
8100 AD By this time most of the outposts on the planet have perished after the closure of EVE. Only a handful survives. By this time most of the smaller settlements had perished, few were saved by larger settlements close by.
8307 AD The automatic terraform process started by the mega-corporation and continued despite the social collapse makes the air finally breathable.
16262 AD First recorded civilizations emerges on Caldari
16470 AD The first Amarr Emperor is crowned
17453 AD The Raata-Oryioni and Fuukiuye Empires join under one rule. The new empire is known as the Raata
18622 AD Distinct civlizations developed on Matar gradually become aware of each other, but primitive technology keeps them from maintaining a steady contact
20022 AD The Udorians arrive on Amarr continent, spurring the static Amarr society into rapid changes.
20078 AD The reclaiming is launched, the Amarrians start a war to conquer all the lands on Athra
20371 AD The Amarrians conquer the last Udorian state
20374 AD By this time the technology level is sufficient for regular trade and advanced speed up. In the end, a global culture has developed, yet steeped in tribal traditions
20544 AD The Amarrians conquer the last state on Athra, they now control the whole planet
20998 AD The Raata empire falls and is divided into myriad small states
21290 AD The first star gate between systems since the collapse of EVE is built between Amarr and Hedion
21423 AD The Amarrians discover the Ealurians and subsequently conquer them in the spirit of the reclaiming
21413 AD The first Minmatar space ship. During the next centuries the Minmatars settle on a number of planets and moons in three systems, using anceint star gates
21656 AD The Rouvenor family comes into power in Garoun and quickly becomes the greates empire on the planet
21714 AD Doule Dos Rouvenor III inherits his father's crown, starting a new calender based on his ascension, the Age of Rouvenor (AR)
21834 AD The Garoun empire collapses, but its legacy remains and rapid technological advancements are made
21875 AD The moral reforms start, the status of the emperors alters and the power of the apostles is curbed
22355 AD The Amarrians arrive in the Pator system.
Soon after, they begin raiding the Minmatar empire for slaves
22463 AD The Gallenteans spot the Caldari on Caldari Prime, but are unable to establish contact
22480 AD The Amarrians invade and conquer the Minmatar Empire
22517 AD First contact between the Caldari and the Gallenteans
22588 AD The Gallenteans build their first star gate
22631 AD The Cultural Deliverance Society (CDS) arrives on Caldari
22684 AD Isuuaya, the first Caldari corporation is established
22762 AD The current Amarr Emperor is elected. The head of another heir family, Khanid, refuses to acknowledge this and sets out to create his own empire. It is called the Khanid Kingdom a.k.a. Dark Amarr
22794 AD The Gallenteans meet the Intakis
22809 AD The Gallenteans meet the Mannar
22821 AD The Sotiyo-Urbaata drive, the first warp drive, is built
23058 AD Amarr scientists discover jump drive technology, allowing instant jumps between systems without star gates
23121 AD The Gallente Federation is founded
23155 AD The Gallente-Caldari war starts
23156 AD The Caldari leave Caldari Prime, never to return
23180 AD First contact between the Gallenteans and the Amarrians, soon after the Amarrians come into contact with both the Caldari and the Jovians First contact between the Gallenteans and the Amarrians.
23216 AD The Amarr-Jove war
23216 AD The Minmatars rebel. The Amarrians and their allies are forced to flee, the minmatar collaborators are set up in their own semi-independent state, they are today known as the Ammatars The Minmatar rebellion. The Amarrians and their collaborators are thrown out
23236 AD
EST (EVE Standard Time) established at Yoiul conference
23248 AD
12 EST
The war between the Gallenteans and the Caldari ends
23346 AD
110 EST
Empyrean Age - Wars ravage the empires again
23359 AD
123 EST
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