Epic - 4 - Retraction

Pocket 1 (No gate)


Arrival Message

Oggur Marendei:
So you've found information about the Wildfire Khumaak? Great! Bring it to me so we may study it. This is our history, and we need to understand it.

Group 1 - 73 km - Objective

Put the Book of St. Arzad into this
Qty. Name Bounty Signature Shield HP Armor HP Hull HP
1 Defiants Storage Facility
0 500 0 0 1,000,000

Death Message
Oggur Marendei:
This is troubling. This book does not mesh well with the history we tell our people. None of this fits. Does this mean the Wildfire Khumaak is not a symbol of our independence after all?We will not destroy this book. No, we have too much respect for our ancestors for that. But we cannot let this reach the public. Not just yet. I don't know what we'll do with it. That's our concern now, capsuleer. Thank you for your assistance with this mission.

Go back to Hiva Shesha. She has a gift for you from us. Please accept it as a reward. Please leave now. I must ask that you keep this to yourself out of respect for our culture. Good luck to you.

Pocket Bounties
  EM Exp Kin The
Pocket DPS 0 0 0 0
Your Resists 50% 50% 50% 50%
0 0 0 0 0


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