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Materials extracted from planets can be processed into 4 tiers of commodities by using different processing schematics.

Tier 1 - From Raw Materials to Processed Materials
WHERE: All planets TIME: 30 minutes EQUIPMENT: Basic Industry Facility (CPU: 200 tf | Power: 800 MW)
Raw Material
Processed Materials
Other uses than to be
processed into the next tier
3000x Microorganisms 20x Bacteria Tier 4 production
3000x Carbon Compounds 20x Biofuels  
3000x Planktic Colonies 20x Biomass  
3000x Non-CS Crystals 20x Chiral Structures  
3000x Ionic Solutions 20x Electrolytes  
3000x Autotrophs 20x Industrial Fibers  
3000x Reactive Gas 20x Oxidizing Compound  
3000x Noble Gas 20x Oxygen POS Fuel
3000x Suspended Plasma 20x Plasmoids  
3000x Noble Metals 20x Precious Metals  
3000x Complex Organisms 20x Proteins  
3000x Base Metals 20x Reactive Metals Tier 4 production
3000x Felsic Magma 20x Silicon  
3000x Heavy Metals 20x Toxic Metals  
3000x Aqueous Liquids 20x Water Tier 4 production

Tier 2 - From Processed Materials to Refined Commodities
WHERE: All planets TIME: 1 hour EQUIPMENT: Advanced Industry Facility (CPU: 500 tf | Power: 700 MW)
Processed Materials
Refined Commodities
Other uses than to be
processed into the next tier
40x Biofuels 40x Precious Metals 5x Biocells  
40x Reactive Metals 40x Toxic Metals 5x Construction Blocks Tech 2 ships
40x Toxic Metals 40x Chiral Structures 5x Consumer Electronics Manufacturing
40x Electrolytes 40x Water 5x Coolant POS Fuel
40x Precious Metals 40x Toxic Metals 5x Enriched Uranium POS Fuel
40x Bacteria 40x Proteins 5x Fertilizer  
40x Proteins 40x Biomass 5x Genetically Enhanced Livestock  
40x Proteins 40x Biofuels 5x Livestock  
40x Reactive Metals 40x Precious Metals 5x Mechanical Parts POS Fuel, Manufacturing
40x Industrial Fibers 40x Silicon 5x Microfiber Shielding  
40x Chiral Structures 40x Silicon 5x Miniature Electronics Manufacturing
40x Bacteria 40x Reactive Metals 5x Nanites Nanite Repair Paste
40x Oxidizing Compound 40x Oxygen 5x Oxides  
40x Oxidizing Compound 40x Industrial Fibers 5x Polyaramids  
40x Biofuels 40x Industrial Fibers 5x Polytextiles  
40x Plasmoids 40x Electrolytes 5x Rocket Fuel Tech 2 missiles
40x Oxidizing Compound 40x Silicon 5x Silicate Glass  
40x Plasmoids 40x Water 5x Superconductors Manufacturing
40x Oxygen 40x Biomass 5x Supertensile Plastics  
40x Electrolytes 40x Oxygen 5x Synthetic Oil  
40x Bacteria 40x Water 5x Test Cultures  
40x Plasmoids 40x Chiral Structures 5x Transmitter Manufacturing
40x Bacteria 40x Biomass 5x Viral Agent  
40x Reactive Metals 40x Water 5x Water-Cooled CPU  

Tier 3 - From Refined Commodities to Specialized Commodities
WHERE: All planets TIME: 1 hour EQUIPMENT: Advanced Industry Facility (CPU: 500 tf | Power: 700 MW)
Refined Commodities
Specialized Commodities
Other uses than to be
processed into the next tier
10x Nanites 10x Livestock 10x Construction Blocks 3x Biotech Research Reports  
10x Silicate Glass 10x Rocket Fuel   3x Camera Drones  
10x Oxides 10x Coolant   3x Condensates  
10x Test Cultures 10x Synthetic Oil 10x Fertilizer 3x Cryoprotectant Solution  
10x Supertensile Plastics 10x Microfiber Shielding   3x Data Chips Nanite Repair Paste
10x Oxides 10x Biocells 10x Superconductors 3x Gel-Matrix Biopaste Nanite Repair Paste
10x Water-Cooled CPU 10x Transmitter   3x Guidance Systems Tech 2 drones
10x Polytextiles 10x Viral Agent 10x Transmitter 3x Hazmat Detection Systems  
10x Polyaramids 10x Genetically Enhanced Livestock   3x Hermetic Membranes  
10x Polyaramids 10x Transmitter   3x High-Tech Transmitters  
10x Fertilizer 10x Polytextiles   3x Industrial Explosives  
10x Biocells 10x Silicate Glass   3x Neocoms  
10x Enriched Uranium 10x Microfiber Shielding   3x Nuclear Reactors  
10x Supertensile Plastics 10x Mechanical Parts 10x Miniature Electronics 3x Planetary Vehicles  
10x Mechanical Parts 10x Consumer Electronics   3x Robotics POS Fuel, Manufacturing
10x Construction Blocks 10x Miniature Electronics   3x Smartfab Units  
10x Water-Cooled CPU 10x Coolant 10x Consumer Electronics 3x Supercomputers  
10x Supertensile Plastics 10x Test Cultures   3x Synthetic Synapses  
10x Biocells 10x Nanites   3x Transcranial Microcontrollers  
10x Synthetic Oil 10x Superconductors   3x Ukomi Superconductors  
10x Livestock 10x Viral Agent   3x Vaccines  

Tier 4 - From Specialized Commodities to Advanced Commodities
WHERE: Barren, Temperate planets TIME: 1 hour EQUIPMENT: High Industry Facility (CPU: 1100 tf | Power: 400 MW)
Specialized Commodities
Advanced Commodities
6x Neocoms 6x Data Chips 6x High-Tech Transmitters 1x Broadcast Node
6x Gel-Matrix Biopaste 6x Hazmat Detection Systems 6x Planetary Vehicles 1x Integrity Response Drones
6x Industrial Explosives 40x Reactive Metals 6x Ukomi Superconductors 1x Nano-Factory
6x Condensates 40x Bacteria 6x Robotics 1x Organic Mortar Applicators
6x Synthetic Synapses 6x Guidance Systems 6x Transcranial Microcontrollers 1x Recursive Computing Module
6x Camera Drones 6x Nuclear Reactors 6x Hermetic Membranes 1x Self-Harmonizing Power Core
6x Smartfab Units 40x Water 6x Vaccines 1x Sterile Conduits
6x Supercomputers 6x Biotech Research Reports 6x Cryoprotectant Solution 1x Wetware Mainframe

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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