Where's the Line?

Level 4 Epic Arc Mission
Everybody Has a Price or Safe Return

Mission Briefing

You've come a long way, [you]. You found the kid, defeated the bad guys, and saved the day. Right out of a holoreel, right? Well, here's where real life comes in, and it's a complicated mess. They don't show you this part in the ‘reels.

While you were out taking care of the Pator 6, I contacted my Syndicate contacts. They're pissed, but they are willing to forget everything and leave us alone. They can still keep their deal with Impetus, but they need the kid. Apparently, Ralie's the crux of the deal. I have no idea why, nor do I want to know.

Thus, you have two options. First, you can do the right thing and give Ralie back to the Feds. Be the hero, save the innocents, gratitude heaped upon you by the Federation, the works. I'm sure Mourmarie has something fun to reward you for your assistance.

Or you can give Ralie back to the Syndicate. They've given me a very generous offer. Very generous. You're essentially signing an innocent kid's life away, but the money will be good. That's all you eggers care about anyway, right?

All I can say is this: You can give the kid his freedom and be the hero. Or you can give him away, an innocent kid to ruthless and depraved criminals, for a lot of money. I won't judge you on either choice, but I have to ask: Where do you draw the line?


Report to Ascain Adeset

Branch: Everybody Has a Price

The Syndicate wants to meet you at a specific location. You'll drop the kid off, take the money – which I'll get a cut of, of course – and leave quietly in the night. They have a special gift for you in addition to the money. Some sort of Syndicate-issue something or other. I dunno.

Take the kid to the warehouse and drop him off. We'll get paid and leave this whole mess behind us. It'll be a happy ending for us, to be sure.

Branch: Safe Return

Mourmarie and Senator Ardanne have given me a rendezvous location for you. It's somewhere in Enedore. When you return the kid, you'll get your reward. I'll contact the Syndicate and let them know that the deal is off. I wouldn't expect them to take that lightly, though, so watch your back.

Either way, glad you got the kid back. Been nice working with you. Good luck in the future, [you].

Mission Log

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