Rat in a Corner

Level 4 Epic Arc Mission
Intaki Chase
Places to Hide

Mission Briefing

If we're going to get to the Syndicate, then you'll have to go undercover for us, [you]. Otherwise, they would see us coming from an AU away.

Not to worry, though. I have a person in mind who can help: Ascain Adeset. We nabbed her a few years back for human trafficking. She was on some crazy booster as well, and took out four of our cruisers before we brought her down. We lost a lot of good officers in that raid. After serving a few years in prison, she saw the light and joined our side. Now she's one of our best informants in the area.

I planted her in TransStellar to ensure that she keeps that company legit. We have a very close eye on her in case she decides to change sides again. If she does, she'll be lucky to make it back to prison at all.

You can find her in Mesybier.


Report to Ascain Adeset in Mesybier (0.5)

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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