The High or Low Road

Level 4 Epic Arc Mission
Into the Black or Outside the Scope

Mission Briefing

There are two ways we can go about this situation, [you]. The Regional Director has instructed me to offer you these two options. He would like you to know that this is a very important decision; he would also like to wish you good luck in your choice.


Report to Eron Viette

Branch: Into the Black

Due to the serious nature of this situation, our Regional Director greatly suggests contacting the authorities for further assistance. The FIO have a very strong presence in the area, and the Black Eagles have been extremely helpful to us in the past. I recommend talking to Mourmarie Mone, the Constellation Director for the Black Eagles. She is located in Noghere. Here are the coordinates of her office. Good luck, and thank you for your continued business with Impetus.

Branch: Outside the Scope

Although our Regional Director would like this matter taken to the authorities, there is a more discreet option for handling this delicate situation. As a universal leader in the entertainment industry, Impetus maintains many close ties with other media outlets. One of our many partners is the Scope, who have been very kind in reviewing our various blockbuster holoreels over the past few years. I can send you to Veine Coructie, a local editor for the Scope. He is very trustworthy, and he can provide a lot of information about suspicious activity in the area.

[red]I must warn you that choosing this route will take you into low-security space. Though I do not recommend this choice, there may be more lucrative opportunities with the Scope than here with the FIO. Any news agency would pay dearly for the information you have, and the Scope is one of the biggest news agencies around. However, there are more risks involved with this option.

Public Notes

Selecting one of the choices immediately start the 'next' mission.

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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