Fate of a Madman

Level 4 Epic Arc Mission
Hunting the Hunter
Interrogation: Catching the Scent or Silence Rahsa: The Nation's Path

Mission Briefing

So this man, Rahsa Teff, was behind it all. Rahsa Teff was a native to this region and wanted Miyan out. He knew his Sansha buddies were attracting attention, so he used Jariza to pull funds from Darabi. Rahsa then gave the money to Manik to fund his little mercenary gang. Manik's build up was a distraction the whole time, as were the Amarr ships you encountered when chasing Rahsa down.

Now that we have Rahsa Teff in my custody, the question is what to do with him. We could keep him around for more questioning, but I'd just as soon blow him out the airlock. What do you think? Is his life worth it?


Report to Aralin Jick

Branch: Interrogation: Catching the Scent

So Rahsa has something more to say? Give my people a few minutes alone with him....

What I need right now is a Sansha command signal receiver. They're found on Sansha ships to keep the crew going. And I know where some survivors of your last attack are right now. Eliminate these stragglers, and I'm sure you'll find a command signal receiver among them.

Branch: Silence Rahsa: The Nation's Path

You've proven yourself to me time and again. Rahsa will be sent for sentencing immediately. I love it when the system works quickly.

By the way, I got a message from a Krethar Mann. Seems your efforts have attracted her attention. Can't say I blame her. You did well. You've again proven yourself a stalwart friend of the Empire. Krethar Mann is currently in her ship in Oguser. You may want to try communicating with her remotely.

Mission Log

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