New Frontiers - Nanite Express (6 of 7)

Level 3 Mission
New Frontiers - An Unexpected Twist
New Frontiers - Ascendance

Mission Briefing

Dr. Calus has completed her study of the Delainen-ROM symbiote's AI core and the CPU you got for us. They're like nothing we've ever seen before. A strange combination of human thought patterns, atomic-scale nanites, and constantly evolving neural networks. And the thing wouldn't stop telling bad jokes! But if those nanites were ever loosed, they could easily latch onto the nearest ship and reconstitute themselves. Er, itself. Well, whatever. We just can't risk that happening... again. Which is why it's too dangerous to study further ? the chance of a breakout is just too high.

But it's also too valuable to destroy. We have placed the items in a special cryogenic container for temporary cold storage. The closest station with an adequate facility for long-term cryogenic storage is in [drop_off], though. Please take the container over there for safekeeping.


Transport these goods:
1x Medium Sized Sealed Cargo Containers (volume: 50 m3)

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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