New Frontiers - Toward a Solution (3 of 7)

Level 3 Mission
New Frontiers - Mad Scientist
New Frontiers - The Unveiling

Mission Briefing

Well, Dr. Calus is not ready to reveal the nature of her project, but rest assured that it will be huge. However, the good doctors require some critical datacores to help them put their ideas into physical form. Sometimes scientific ideas race ahead of one's ability to fabricate the results effectively.

We need you to go pick up a unique Mechanical Engineering datacore put together for the project by one of Dr. Calus's colleagues not far from here and bring it back as soon as possible. You will be rewarded, of course, as usual.


Transport these goods:
1x Altered Datacore - Mechanical Engineering (volume: 0 m3)

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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