Customs Interdiction (1 of 2)

Level 2 Mission
Customs Interdiction

Mission Briefing

I've been asked to help the Customs Authority apprehend a group of smugglers trying to get some military-grade sensor components out of the State where they can sell them to the highest bidder. They've sent us a list of possible targets and we've been tracking them; one of the suspect vessels has just entered our jurisdiction. I'd like you to intercept this ship; once you're there, we'll let you know if that's the one we're looking for. If it is, you'll need to disable the vessel, apprehend the crew, and confiscate the sensor components, which are being carried in small secure containers. Can you handle that for me?


Apprehend the smugglers and confiscate their cargo.
1x Smuggler DNA (volume: 0 m3)

Warp-To Message

Transmission from Agent:
That's definitely it. The Customs Authority has confirmed that as the vessel they tracked leaving a Lai Dai factory yard three days ago. Take her down, pilot.

Pocket 1 (No gate)


Group 1 - 15 km - Objective

Drops the Smuggler DNA
Qty. Image Entity Info
1 State Industrial
Bounty: 0 Attack: 0   HP EM Exp Kin The   EM Exp Kin The
Signature: 250 Orbit: 70,000 Shield: 5,000   60 40 20 Turrets:        
Resolution: 0 Optimal: 0 Armor: 2,000 60 10 25 45 Missiles:        
Speed: 115 Falloff: 1 Hull: 3,000          
Bounties: 0 DPS: 0 0 0 0

Group 2 - 45 km - Killing is optional

Spawn Trigger: Attacking the smuggler

Spawn Message
Mercenaries: What's this, a good samaritan here for a beating?

Qty. Image Entity Info
4 Mercenaries
Type: Federation Hoplon
Bounty: 0 Attack: 21,875   HP EM Exp Kin The   EM Exp Kin The
Signature: 32 Orbit: 8,750 Shield: 75 23 33 3 13 Turrets: *     2 3
Resolution: 1,200 Optimal: 7,500 Armor: * 100 23 33 3 13 Missiles:        
Speed: 440 Falloff: 5,000 Hull: 150          
Type: Federation Kontos
Bounty: 0 Attack: 21,875   HP EM Exp Kin The   EM Exp Kin The
Signature: 32 Orbit: 8,750 Shield: 50 22 32 2 12 Turrets: *     2 3
Resolution: 1,200 Optimal: 7,500 Armor: * 100 22 32 2 12 Missiles:        
Speed: 440 Falloff: 5,000 Hull: 100          
Bounties: 0 DPS: 0 0 5 11

Pocket Bounties
  EM Exp Kin The
Pocket DPS 0 0 5 11
Your Resists 50% 50% 50% 50%
8 0 0 3 5

Caldari Customs Authority

The CCA is a division of the Caldari Business Tribunal, which is the only nationwide law enforcement agency in the Caldari State. The CCA is in charge of policing trade at the borders of Caldari space and enforcing any customs duties or tariffs, though the State generally has few of those with both the Liberal and Practical factions both being free trade advocates. However, the CCA tends to be short-staffed, despite being adequately funded, and as a result they often outsource customs duties to the Navy or corporate security forces, who will in turn sometimes subcontract to individual pod-pilots. In general, customs duties are a low priority (and sometimes an obstruction) for many of the Caldari megacorporations' operations, so they tend to be pushed upon pilots and officers towards the low end of the totem pole.

Mission Log

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