Smoke and Mirrors

Level 3 Epic Arc Mission
Culling the Weak

Mission Briefing

Kori is one of the reasons I came over to the Guristas. But he's become soft, and he meddles. I've been monitoring his transmissions to you in the field, and I'm sure he's working with the Navy.

He won't be willing to work with you directly right now. I've arranged for you to meet with one of his operatives, Eroma Eralen. You'll meet him in a deadspace pocket at these coordinates. Be careful, though: Eroma is renowned for his technological ability. He's not good at anything else, but he sure does know his way around illegal pirate tech, especially wavelength and frequency modulation. Meet with him and see what he knows. He owes me a favor, anyway.


Meet with Eroma Eralen and follow the instructions you are given.

No information about the mission site.

Mission Log

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