Upward Momentum

Level 3 Epic Arc Mission
Sabotage 101 or Brassy Faced Bastard

Mission Briefing

Nice work. You've proven yourself to be a competent pilot, and you've garnered some attention from the higher-ups. Being a capsuleer certainly helps your case. I requested that another agent handle your work with the Guristas. I feel that you have the potential to rise high in our ranks. One of my old associates jumped at the chance to have you. One of her lieutenants has gone missing, and she needs a capable pilot to assist her.

So it's done. Consider it a promotion. You'll be working with Cilis Leglise. I brought her in, actually. She was Federation Intelligence before I convinced her to turn against the Empires. I got her to defect, and she's risen through the ranks at breakneck speed.

Cilis and Irichi Tsunikabda are handling our work against the Navy in this section of Venal. The Navy's been making efforts to clean this region up recently. Every operation they attempt against us, CIlis is there to ruin their mission. Cilis is their unrelenting, ubiquitous scourge.


Report to Cilis Leglise

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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