Planning the Operation

Level 3 Epic Arc Mission
Intelligence Mining
Sabotage 101 or Brassy Faced Bastard

Mission Briefing

The miners were useful to us; we barely had to use our “persuasion tactics” on them. Though that didn't stop us from going the extra mile for some additional information, of course. Their stories all seem to corroborate each others' on a few key targets, but the most interesting one is a secret Navy shipyard operating nearby, right in our backyard.

According to our new friends here, Minedrill is working with the Caldari Navy to build up a sizable fleet in our territory. From the way these miners have been jumping for rocks, they may even be building a few Titan-class ships. All we know is that they're definitely building something large. The prisoners' stories agreed on that, and not just because we were beating them with jolt sticks.

I believe the Navy is building up to push into Venal, or to create pressure in Okkellen. The Navy just ought to know better. Regardless, I need someone to find out what they're building there; lucky for us, I think we can bypass a substantial amount of the security you'd be facing otherwise.

Here are your options:

Either by force or by subterfuge, we need those designs. I don't know which is more your style, so I'll let you choose.


Report to Kori Latamaki

Branch: Sabotage 101

The Minedrill crew talked about a minefield near a long-abandoned Caldari station. The whole place dates back to an earlier conflict between us and the Navy. What's significant about the station now is an acceleration gate that should lead you into the heart of the shipyard. However, traversing the minefield will be difficult. Once inside, you should have access to the shipyard, and from there, you can sneak up and steal any designs that they're working on.

Normally an op like this would take quite a bit longer to plan, but having a capsuleer on board makes things a little easier. As I've stated when I told you about your options for this op, you'll need to fly through a mine field to infiltrate the shipyard. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.

This area might be a little creepy, but there's history in that station. For starters, it was one of the many State-run orphanages established after the exodus from Caldari Prime, focusing mainly on raising the products of the test-tube birthing program. Later, the Navy requisitioned the area to combat Gurista encroachment. That's when the mines started to show up.

Be careful with those mines. Who knows how long they've been there or how effective they still are. Tread carefully, or shoot them with caution. If – er, once – you get past the mines, you'll see the station. Inside the station will be some capital ship designs for an upcoming Navy project, codenamed “Dictator.” Grab those designs and get out of there. You should be able to take them directly from the assembly station, according to the Minedrill prisoners. That is, unless there are no guards.

Branch: Brassy Faced Bastard

We need someone to get in there, find their assembly station, and take their ship designs. Since you didn't want to go through the minefield, you'll be taking a more direct approach. If you can't go around it, then you might as well go through it, right?

We've scrambled your comms signal to a Navy frequency. You should, theoretically, read as one of them. This is, of course, according to our guests from Minedrill. You should definitely fit your ship like you're expecting a fight. Hopefully you'll get past the initial security. If not, then you'll have to do some fighting. But that's what you're good for, isn't it? And if the Minedrill guys were lying to us, then we'll take care of them for good.

You can take a more direct approach. You can approach the shipyard proper and try to either sneak past the sentry guns, or blast your way though. Sort of a run-and-gun operation. Same deal, though: once inside, you'll grab the designs and get out of there. Guristas Production will examine them when you return, and we'll probably send some folks over there to level the place depending on what we find. It might even be you.

Mission Log

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