The Lesser of Two

Level 3 Epic Arc Mission
Data Destruction or Situation Normal

Mission Briefing

You've done well for us dealing with the Guristas and Sansha. Clashes with other frontier organizations come with the territory, however, and are never that much of a problem. The Archangels are more than capable of handling this aspect of daily operations. It is when other entities begin to stray outside their usual boundaries and establish themselves in our space that people begin to become rightly concerned. In these situations, we are called in to deal with them.

One Minmatar corporation, Boundless Creations, has made the mistake of conducting research in our space. They have come here on the misunderstanding that, just because their research is illegal, we will turn a blind eye to their presence. We've not corrected them on this false assumption. Rather, we've let them move in all of their assets and staff and slowly build themselves up. The time has now come to reveal to them where they truly stand with the Cartel.

Your mission is to destroy their research facility entirely, costing the interlopers billions. You can go about this whatever way you see fit. You can storm the facility head on, or weaken the defenses by knocking out their communications arrays first.

Either way, everyone in that place needs to be dealt with.


Report to Kadeja Dulche

Branch: Data Destruction

Going for the straight shot? You're a pilot after my own heart.

The base is split into three sections. Each section contains a data center that houses all of Boundless Creations' illegal research. You must destroy these. Each data center serves as a redundant backup for the others, so it needs to be all or nothing.

The Cartel is putting a lot of trust in you. Make it happen.

Branch: Situation Normal

Boundless Creations has a communications array keeping tabs on the research base. If you attack the base now, they'll call in reinforcements and make your life difficult.

The good news is that they've attempted to hide the array inside a gas cloud rather than protect it in the open. They expect it to be undetected, and to most people it would be. Our scouts have uncovered the area though, and have observed engineers living at the compound. They will be carrying a security code which you must recover. You will be able to use it to deactivate the array without alerting the main Boundless Creation fleet.

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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