Level 3 Epic Arc Mission
Rabbit Trap
The Lesser of Two

Mission Briefing

You've attracted the attention of Kadeja Dulche, one of the most important people in the Dominations. If he has a mission for you, the odds are good you'll be shooting some important people.

You best get going. I'd thank you for the assistance you provided, but an invitation to a meeting with a Domination agent says more than any words of mine will.


Report to Kadeja Dulche

The Dominations

The Dominations represent the command division of the Angel Cartel. The Dominations are elusive and mysterious, preferring to shroud their agendas in secrecy and obfuscation. Many of their membership seldom venture far from their bases in the Curse region, but CONCORD agents have reported sightings of highly-placed Cartel leaders as far north as Lonetrek.

Little is known about the identities of the Angel Cartel leadership, though it is understood that – as with the rest of the organization – they come from all the races and backgrounds.

Mission Log

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