Fight or Flight

Level 3 Epic Arc Mission
New Opportunities
Natural Consequences or Serpentis Fill-In

Mission Briefing

At the moment I have more work than I have people, so you need to choose how you want to proceed.

We also have a shipment of important research material that needs to make it to Serpentis hands. The Inquest scientists in charge of the operation have been delayed, and moving the goods is a high-priority task we need someone to take over. We may also require an investigation into the reasons for the delay at Serpentis' end.

Both tasks need to be followed up. I don't care what you choose; we'll give one to you, and one to the next egger brave or stupid enough to show up down here.

Branch: Natural Consequences

Obviously, the Sansha need to be cleared from our wormhole site. If you can prove yourself on this, chances are I'll be able to request more assignments to give you. We have early reports of more problems abroad, so I'm sure we can keep you moving from target to target out there.

Dislodging the Sansha won't be easy after they've already begun to settle themselves in, but we can focus on their weak points. If they're doing things by the book, the Sansha forces will have an Overseer there directing the group from a safe distance. Take out enough of the fodder vessels and you'll provoke its appearance. Once you destroy the Overseer their whole operation will fall apart. Think of it as a decapitation.

Branch: Serpentis Fill-In

Perhaps it's not worth the trouble to take down the Sansha encampment. They might have already gone in and destabilized the wormhole. We play by risk and reward, and the reward here looks like it'll be too low.

There's a high-priority shipment that has been sitting around waiting for someone capable enough to move it. It's headed to the Serpentis research facilities in Fountain, but Sarpati's crew is going to handle moving it from Curse over to their Headquarters. They were supposed to take it directly from this station but we've lost contact with the research team in charge of that operation. The job is yours if you want it. All you need to do is get it to nearby Serpentis Corp. transport hub, from there they'll handle the rest.

The cargo is small so you could easily fit it inside an interceptor or covert ops and I would suggest you do just that, [you]. I will not accept any excuses for the cargo's disappearance.

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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