Kidnappers Strike - The Flu Outbreak (6 of 10)

Level 3 Mission
Kidnappers Strike - Incriminating Evidence
Kidnappers Strike - The Secret Meeting

Mission Briefing

We've had a major influenza outbreak here on [drop_off]. Because of it, our antiviral drug supplies have grown thin, and we're afraid we'll run out soon. We have a lot of personnel here; given the current state of affairs, we wouldn't want half of them taking sick leave due to our lack of medicine. I've taken the liberty of ordering the purchase of some antiviral drugs at [pickup]; I need you to transport them here.

Please hurry - our staff is depending on you.


Transport these goods:
110x Antiviral Drugs (volume: 22 m3)

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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