A Special Delivery

Level 4 Storyline Mission

Mission Briefing

I have a very special mission for you today, [you]. A high-ranked Overseer of a secret [faction] compound in [destination] has requested items of ours that must be delivered to him A.S.A.P. This job must be done in complete secrecy; we do not want the contents of this delivery to fall into the wrong hands. As a precautionary measure, we have set up an explosive mechanism inside the cargo containers that will trigger should anyone attempt to tamper with them.

I trust you on this, [you]. Be very discreet and, at any cost, avoid confrontation with hostiles en route to your destination. Make haste!

This is an important mission, which will have significant impact on your faction standings.


Transport these goods:
40x Colossal Sealed Cargo Containers (volume: 40,000 m3)

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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