Level 4 Epic Arc Mission
With Great Power

Mission Briefing

Posmon Aubenard is a friend of mine, a Gallente historian working with the University of Caille. He's a trusted academic, an astute scholar, and a respected member of the university's staff. If you take this book to him, I know that he will preserve it and keep it safe, possibly even put the book in the proper historical light with a best-selling book of his own in a few years. That might not sit well with my Minmatar brethren, but at least we won't lose the truth, or whatever part of the truth this book represents. The Defiants can keep the Wildfire Khumaak – although I'm sure Posmon would love to get his hands on it – but it's just an empty symbol without the book. Go and give the Book of St. Arzad to him, and let him keep it safe. It's the right thing to do. Isn't it?


Take the book to Posmon Aubenard and drop it off at the container. He will keep it safe at the University of Caille.
1x Book of St. Arzad (volume: 0 m3)

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