Friends in High Places

Level 4 Epic Arc Mission
From Way Above
My Little Eye

Mission Briefing

Alright, we've talked it out and I was right. You're going in there. The RSS almost threatened to have you killed for attempting it, but with the accusations being leveled at them right now they're just gonna have to get over it. We needed someone independent, not tied to any one faction, and who we knew we could trust. You were the obvious answer; I didn't even have to suggest it.

The RSS has given us the location of the compound where this agent was doing his work. Your task will be to fly to [system] and investigate it. We're looking for anything that would give us further insight into why he was visiting the Defiants. All they could tell us was that he expressed an interest in examining the Khumaak and then suddenly showed up. The Angels followed shortly after.

It's a politically delicate assignment Chruker, but a pretty easy one from your end. Just fly in there, have a poke around, and bring back anything you think may be relevant to our investigations. I'll be plugged into your camera drones for this one, along with the rest of the RSS, heh. We'll tell you what to look for too, if we see anything in there. Sorry about the invasive measures, but it was either that or a 500m ISK collateral to the RSS.


Investigate the RSS Facility and gather information about the missing agent's mission

Pocket 1 (No gate)


Warp Gates

8 km: Acceleration Gate to Area RRD-XX3 (Unlocked)

No groups in this pocket

Pocket 2


Arrival Message

Arsten Takalo:
Okay, we're in. Good. Now, see those three storage warehouses to your left, up the back? Start there. The RSS says any documents archived there would have more than enough information. Let's see about that.

Group 1 - Left - 26 km

Spawn Message
Ah, crap, scans are showing them all empty. Dammit, this guy better not have cleared the place out. Alright, let's move on. See the three cargo rigs in the middle of this area? Your close-range scanners are too far from that third one. There could be someone in that interrogation facility over there, go check that out next.

Qty. Name Bounty Signature Shield HP Armor HP Hull HP
3 Storage Warehouse
0 100 0 0 100,000,000

Group 2 - 8 km

Proximity Trigger: 5 km

Spawn Message
Still nothing? What the hell? Okay... one last thing to try. That giant radio telescope over there? I'm guessing it cached all outgoing transmissions. Everything else might be empty but I'll bet there's still some data in that thing. Head over and check it out. We're going to kindly ask the RSS for the decryption passwords right now...

Qty. Name Bounty Signature Shield HP Armor HP Hull HP
1 Interrogation Facility
0 100 0 0 100,000,000

Group 3 - Giant Radio Telescope - 8 km

Proximity Trigger: 5 km
Drops 3 reports
Qty. Name Bounty Signature Shield HP Armor HP Hull HP
1 RSS Radio Telescope
0 500 0 0 1,000,000

Pocket Bounties
  EM Exp Kin The
Pocket DPS 0 0 0 0
Your Resists 50% 50% 50% 50%
0 0 0 0 0

The Republic Security Services

Perhaps less is known about the Republic Security Services than any other national intelligence agency in the universe of New Eden. Their numbers, their spheres of operation, the scope of their involvement in affairs national and international: all these things are hidden in a fog of silence and misdirection. In the absence of concrete recorded information, the only detectable pattern is composed of reports from those few times the agency has revealed itself. Pieced together, a picture begins to emerge: grim, humorless, determined and fierce, these men and women stalk the underworld and mingle with its demons so their brethren may live in the sunshine.

Mission Log

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