Glowing Embers

Level 4 Epic Arc Mission
Written by the Victors
From Way Above

Mission Briefing

Ever heard of the Defiants, [you]? Well, either way, you're about to meet them – if you think you're ready for it. They're one of the few groups the Brutor tribe can trust these days. I once had the honor of meeting their leader, Karishal Muritor, before our own Fleet had him put down like a dog for daring to fight the Amarr. A shameful day for us all, it was.

Still, it showed us who will fight, and who can be trusted. There is no group of people I personally would want more than them to handle this. We don't know how significant this Khumaak is, but let me tell you friend, some of our people are very excited about its discovery. They think it may shed new light on our past. Me, I'm excited too I guess, but more concerned than anything. I'll relax once this is in the Defiants' hands, not any earlier.

So, can we count on you to make the delivery? I think you and I are past collateral now, [you]. I'm happy to trust you with the current location of their camp, if only because you have no chance of finding them after this meeting. The Defiants are only discovered when they want to be.


Deliver the Wildfire Khumaak to the Defiants' camp.
1x Wildfire Khumaak (volume: 0 m3)

Warp-To Message

Defiants Camp:
This camp is reminiscent of the Thukker caravans that ply the spacelanes of the Great Wildlands – their home and sanctuary. After their defeat at the hands of a vicious Amarrian counter-attack, the Defiants were thought to have been completely destroyed. Rumors always persisted however, that a few survivors had fled with the Thukker to the safe havens of the south, outside Republic borders. Evidently, there is a kernel of truth to such tales, but the fleet here now is but a shadow of its former self.

Pocket 1 (No gate)


Group 1 - 26 km

Qty. Name Bounty Signature Shield HP Armor HP Hull HP
1 Defiants Storage Facility
0 500 0 0 1,000,000

Pocket Bounties
  EM Exp Kin The
Pocket DPS 0 0 0 0
Your Resists 50% 50% 50% 50%
0 0 0 0 0


The Defiants were a splinter group of the Republic Fleet commanded by Admiral Karishal Muritor, a Brutor warrior and figure of great renown within military circles. Skirting the edge of all-out conflict with the Amarr Empire, the Defiants waged constant guerilla warfare with Amarr forces in the years leading up to the Elder Fleet Invasion of YC110, despite insistent urgings from the Republic to back down. Though the good Admiral is now fallen and most of his force gone -- lost while covering the retreat of the Elder Fleet -- a small contingent lives on, scheming to stamp themselves once again into the hearts and minds of freedom-loving Minmatar.

Mission Log

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