Shifting Rocks

Level 4 Storyline Mission

Mission Briefing

This shipment of Mesarchonite needs to be taken to the manufacturer on [dropoff]. The cargo is radioactive, and while the containment units are good enough for a short period, the mineral really requires an industrial containment in a stable and controlled environment.


Transport these goods:
80x Large Crate of Contained Mesarchonite (volume: 8,000 m3)

Redundant Systems

Security systems on stations are all-in-one, monitoring room occupancy, ambient temperature and humidity, and the gas mix from environmental control. It can be set to go on alert for various stimuli, and contains several redundant systems to ensure that an interrupt on one line does not prevent a problem being reported. Small pieces of radioactive material which are sensitive to various stimuli are an integral part of such systems.

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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