The Missing Piece

Level 1 Epic Arc Mission
Chasing Shadows
The Gallente Commander or The Minmatar Commander or The Caldari Commander or The Amarr Commander

Mission Briefing

We’ve finally determined Dagan’s location. It appears that he’s outfitting another expedition. If he successfully acquires more of those drones – and worse, maintains control of them – he and his clients will be able to wreak terrible destruction across the cluster. I’m sure you can take out Dagan yourself, but it looks like he’s hired some muscle. You’ve made some imperial contacts, yes? They might be able to clear a path for you to engage Dagan.

The empires will want Dagan not just for justice, but for his knowledge. Accept their help, but consider delivering him into our merciful hands, instead. We’ll spare him… and make sure his knowledge does no harm. You have to make a choice between the Empires: Which one do you want to help you in taking down Dagan?


Report to Sister Alitura

Branch: The Gallente Commander

The Gallente Federation have sent commander Brus Colterne to Sheroo as your contact. Colterne is an idealist, but effective. You will find him a reliable ally.

Branch: The Minmatar Commander

Kitar Ang, a veteran of the Minmatar Republic Fleet, awaits you in Avyuh. She is a brilliant tactician, if impatient.

Branch: The Caldari Commander

Adani Yusev, a contractor with Ishukone, is eager to speak with you in Sosh. I've heard he is the very model of an efficient Caldari soldier.

Branch: The Amarr Commander

The Amarr Empire has sent Lear Evanus, a commander of some fame, to Manarq. She is a firm defender of the Amarr faith. Her zeal will prove effective against Dagan.

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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