Hunting the Lieutenants

Level 1 Epic Arc Mission
Goading the Leader
Valuable Cargo

Mission Briefing

We have the names of three lieutenants, supposedly the underlings for the man running this whole operation. If we can capture one of them, then maybe they’ll know something about this missing capsuleer of yours. They are supposed to be meeting at a nearby deadspace facility, arranging some kind of “big deal”. Once you clear the area, we should be able to scan the structures and locate any of the lieutenants, assuming they’re still hanging around. Fly by and pick them up. If they refuse to board, pop a few shots off into the facility shields. That usually convinces people you mean business.


Clear the facility of hostiles and capture any of the lieutenants present.

Pocket 1 (No gate)


Group 1 - 20 km - Attacks on warp-in

Qty. Image Entity Info
7 Mercenary Rookie
Bounty: 2,000 Attack: 2,500   HP EM Exp Kin The   EM Exp Kin The
Signature: 45 Orbit: 500 Shield: 50   60 40 20 Turrets: *     4 3
Resolution: 0 Optimal: 5,000 Armor: 50 60   25 35 Missiles:        
Speed: 520 Falloff: 1,500 Hull: 50         Defender Chance: 2.5%
Bounties: 14,000 DPS: 0 0 23 15

Death Message
From Agent:
We were scanning the radio chatter of those guys you took out. They were trying to evacuate someone from the Habitation Module. It's vulnerable now without them guarding it, so you can fire a few rounds off into the building. That should flush him out.

Group 2 - 23 km - Objective

Attacking it you get a message from Lieutenant Kirus:
Alright, alright! Stop shooting, I’ll come with you!
Qty. Name Bounty Signature Shield HP Armor HP Hull HP
1 Habitation Module
0 1,000 150 300 500

Pocket Bounties
  EM Exp Kin The
Pocket DPS 0 0 23 15
Your Resists 50% 50% 50% 50%
19 0 0 11 8

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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