Tracking or Scanning

Level 1 Epic Arc Mission
Nature Pictures
Bag of Blood or Tracking the Queen

Mission Briefing

Sister Alitura has two leads. One is a Gallente reporter who claims to have tracked the drone after you were near the Food Relief station. Another is a Caldari mercenary spy who says he has a formula that can help you scan for the drone. You can only choose one option.


Report to Sister Alitura

Branch: Bag of Blood

The Serpentis want Wolf Burgan's head in a bad way. Wolf may be a great captain, but he's not a capsuleer. If he croaks, there's no ressurection. The Serpentis know it.

We're going to use this to our advantage. Thanks to a previous indictment, the local law at a nearby station has a sample of Wolf's DNA. You should have no trouble getting access to it just by virtue of being a capsuleer. Bring me Wolf's DNA sample, and I can hatch my crazy scheme.

Branch: Tracking the Queen

Picking Sides

As you continue to work with one empire over the other, you will gain favor with that empire and lose it with the other. Even simple decisions can lead to gaining standing with one faction and losing it with another.

Mission Log

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Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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