Ship Equipment

Parent groups: Market

Electronic Warfare
Modules that can disrupt capabilities of enemy targets and defend against same
Electronics and Sensor Upgrades
Modules that strengthen the sensory capabilities of a spaceship
Engineering Equipment
Modules that affect a spaceship's capacitor and modify fitting capabilities
Fleet Assistance Modules
Modules used to assist fleet members
Harvest Equipment
Modules that give or improve harvesting capabilities of spaceships
Hull & Armor
Modules that strengthen the physical frame of a spaceship against external dangers
Modules that affect the navigational properties of a spaceship
Scanning Equipment
Modules that give or improve scanning capabilities of spaceships
Modules that strengthen the energy barrier surrounding spaceships against external dangers
Omnidirectional energy blasts that damage everything in a radius. Good against drones
Turrets & Bays
Weapon systems to inflict damage on enemy targets
Drone Upgrades
Modules that increase drone efficiency

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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