Electronic Warfare

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Auxiliary systems giving a boost to sensor strength for a short time.
Electronic Counter Measures
Designed to disrupt and lock down enemy ships' sensor arrays.
Sensor Backup Arrays
Beef up your sensor strength to resist target jamming.
Burst Projectors

ECM Bursts
Targeting jammers emitting multi-frequency disruptive signals.
Interdiction Sphere Launchers

Projected ECCM
Boost a target ship's sensor strength for a short time.
Remote Sensor Dampeners
Decrease the targeting speed and range of target ship.
Stasis Grapplers
Stasis Grapplers
Stasis Webifiers
Slow them down, then smack them down.
Target Breaker
Clears all locks on you and all your locks.
Target Painters
Project an electronic signal towards a target, increasing its signature radius.
Warp Disruption Field Generators
A ship system that generates a local warp disruption field, preventing warp travel.
Warp Disruptors

Warp Scramblers

Weapon Disruptors
Weapon Disruptors

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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