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Capacitor Batteries
Allow the capacitor to store more energy.
Capacitor Boosters
Provide quick injections of power into the capacitor.
Energy Neutralizers
Neutralize a portion of the target ship's capacitor energy.
Energy Nosferatu
Steal a portion of the target ship's capacitor energy.
Remote Capacitor Transmitters
Systems allowing transfer of capacitor energy to another ship.
Auxiliary Power Controls
Supplementary systems providing a flat boost to powercore energy.
Capacitor Flux Coils
Increase capacitor recharge rate while lowering maximum capacitor capacity.
Capacitor Power Relays
Increase capacitor recharge rate at the expense of shield boosting capability.
Capacitor Rechargers
Provide a boost to the capacitor's recharge rate.
Power Diagnostic Systems
Monitor and optimize the power grid and capacitor systems.
Reactor Control Units
Run power core optimization subroutines for maximum efficiency.

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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