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Market Items

Image Name Volume Market Price
Blue Pill
This booster causes forgetfulness and bliss, and may cause light hallucinations.
0,20 6.233,44
This expensive booster is highly addictive and has been known to cause heart attacks and seizures.
0,20 664,48
Crystal Egg
Crystal is a common feel-good booster, used and abused around the universe in abundance.
0,50 124,82
This highly hallucinogenic booster can easily cause temporary dementia. It is commonly poured into a wet rag, which is then laid over, or bound across, sensitive parts of the skin.
0,20 520,97
This booster is highly addictive and has been known to cause aggressive behavior.
1,00 749,23
The Frentix fluid is used as a relaxative drug on subjects in heavy pain. Abuse of this booster is common in underground communities around the universe.
0,20 116,06
Highly addictive fluid of which the toxic fumes are inhaled through the nostrils of the user. Mindflood kills braincells quicker than submerging one's brain in battery acid.
0,20 127,18
Nerve Sticks
This booster is used as a stress-reliever and is ingested with a sip of water.
0,20 9,34
Sooth Sayer
This booster causes the subject to fall into a blissful sleep. Reports tell of abusers falling into a deep coma, never to regain consciousness.
1,00 150,00
The Vitoc booster has become more than a simple strategy by the Amarrians in controling their slaves. With the Vitoc method, slaves are injected with a toxic chemical substance that is fatal unless the recipient receives a constant supply of an antidote. The method first appeared a few centuries ago when the Amarrians started manning some of their space ships with slaves. As space crew the slaves had to be cajoled into doing complex, often independent work, making older methods of slave control undesirable. Although the more conventional ways of subduing slaves with force (actual or threat of) are still widely used in other forced labor areas, the Vitoc method has proven itself admirably for the fleet.
0,50 9.008,94
Abusers of this booster have reported surreal visions and altered perceptions of the world around them. The subject becomes blissful and content, but highly analytical of the surroundings.
1,00 6,21

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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