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t 52278  Praxis Capsuleer Day XVI SKIN (Permanent)
Capsuleers were given independent licenses 16 years ago and the YC121 celebrations mark this latest anniversary of the dawn of the Capsuleer Age and the opening up of New Eden's frontiers by immortal space pilots. Capsuleer Day XVI is a moment of celebration for "The Elite" pilots who are all capsuleers across New Eden.
t 47650  Praxis Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN (Permanent)
The Capsuleers are considered an elite group across New Eden and this gilded nanocoating marks that status on Capsuleer Day XV. The YC120 celebrations are the 15th anniversary of the dawn of the Capsuleer Age and the opening up of New Eden's frontiers by immortal clone space pilots. Capsuleer Day XV is a moment for celebration of "The Elite" across New Eden.
t 47655  Praxis Capsuleer Networker XV SKIN (Permanent)
Display your attendance at the SoCT's annual capsuleer gathering with this celebratory nanocoating. In the 15th anniversary year of the dawn of the Capsuleer Age, the SoCT chose to host the gathering at its new diplomatic facility, across the bay from Concord City, on the surface of Yulai III.

The Society of Conscious Thought encourages graduates of its elite education programs to network with one another and has established many cohorts of former students throughout New Eden. As the SoCT takes a somewhat tutelary view of capsuleers as a class, the Society also encourages movers and shakers among the capsuleers to network with one another for the advancement of humanity in New Eden.

t 49796  Praxis Icecloud Investigators SKIN (Permanent)
The Society of Conscious Thought was among several groups that took a keen interest in the discovery of trace amounts of chromodynamic tricarboxyls in ice and vapor clouds associated with the formation of the so-called "ice dwarf" planets in certain star systems. The SoCT's investigators were apparently keen to understand the processes by which the valuable material could be extracted and refined in useful quantities from the wisps of icy vapor cloaking the icy dwarf planets.

As with much SoCT technology and associated equipment, the icecloud nanocoating was released into the hands of capsuleers, perhaps if only to see what they would do with it.


Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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