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Market Items

Image DEFAULT Name Market Price
t 36728  Basilisk Blue Tiger SKIN (Permanent)

t 48724  Basilisk Emergency Response Squad SKIN (Permanent)
For certain tasks, CONCORD forces will use many of the ship designs of the four empires, and the rapid emergency response vessels are usually adaptations of the advanced logistics cruisers manufactured by empire corporations.

The Emergency Response Squad is an elite force within the DED that operates alongside the special forces of the SARO division. These ships are crewed by specialized rapid repair and shield stabilization engineers, and always carry a complement of elite battlefield search, rescue and resuscitate troops. The high premium that SARO places on preserving its elite operatives is such that ERS combat medics will usually be equipped with brain scanners capable of preserving the personality of a trooper even if the body is broken beyond repair.

t 50075  Basilisk Eros Blossom SKIN (Permanent)
Traditional imagery of the petals of a blossom long associated with love and desire adorn the flanks of any ship using this romantically charged nanocoating from the Guardian Angels. Whether those choosing to display this tribute to the Eros Blossom are celebrating a love held close or are seeking another to receive their devotion is left to the observer to decide.
t 45840  Basilisk Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 48183  Basilisk Ghostbird SKIN (Permanent)
In Caldari animistic mythology, the Ghostbirds are heralds of war sweeping down from the mountains on wings of snow flecked with the blood of those who will fall in battle. The imagery of the Ghostbird is very popular among the Caldari military and has become a special totem for pilots of all kinds of warships.
t 46844  Basilisk Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)

t 40604  Basilisk Matigu Seabeast SKIN (Permanent)

t 36656  Basilisk Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)

t 46117  Basilisk Steel Cardinal SKIN (Permanent)

t 52557  Basilisk Vitalshift EGO SKIN (Permanent)
[Incoming commercial broadcast...]

Put your finger on the pulse with Ishukone's Vitalshift EGO nanocoating conversion package, featuring the latest Electro-Graphic Overlay personality and vitals display technology.

EGO technology brings the link between capsuleer and machine out of the shadows, and into the light. Feel the speed of warp, witness the tension of battle, watch your enemies explode with envy.

The Vitalshift from Ishukone. Feel the pulse, see the future.

t 36343  Basilisk Wiyrkomi SKIN (Permanent)

t 53177  Basilisk Zento Isideko Combine SKIN (Permanent)
Now owned by the Sukuuvestaa megacorp, the Zento Isideko Combine represents the final fate of an old industrial concern from the early corporate era of Caldari society. Founded in the wave of corporate developments and consolidations of earlier business forms in the decades that followed first contact with the Gallente, Zento Isideko Combine was typical in its aspiration to become an interplanetary conglomerate in an era of enormous cultural and technological upheaval for the Caldari people.

Led by their visionary founder Foss Kriistavaa, the Zento Isideko Combine rapidly became a leader in the construction of advanced transportation links across Caldari Prime and eventually realized the founding ambition of becoming an space-industrial powerhouse. Zento Isideko maintained its place in the upper tier of Caldari corporations for nearly 200 years, until the Third Sontogi Oskkaltiovone* of 22714 AD brought it within the sphere of a corporate grouping that would eventually become the Sukuuvestaa Corporation.

After various corporate permutations over the centuries, the business is generally known as SuVee ZenIko on the stock markets. Even so, the old Zento Isideko Combine brand and livery is still used to distinguish the support fleets of the transportation construction, maintenance and security operations that the division carries out across the extensive holdings of Sukuuvestaa.

(Sontogi Oskkaltiovone – loosely translated: rules-based corporate war of takeovers)


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