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Market Items

Image DEFAULT Name Market Price
t 42746  Crucifier Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)

t 45753  Crucifier Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 44134  Crucifier Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)

t 43482  Crucifier Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)

t 34719  Crucifier Kador SKIN (Permanent)

t 42544  Crucifier Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)

t 37484  Crucifier Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)

t 34720  Crucifier Sarum SKIN (Permanent)

t 47304  Crucifier Spirit SKIN (Permanent)

t 34721  Executioner Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)

t 36914  Executioner Blood Raiders SKIN (Permanent)

t 47626  Executioner Capsuleer Day XV SKIN (Permanent)
Mark the 15th anniversary of the dawn of the Capsuleer Age with the Capsuleer Day XV nanocoating. Since YC105, the world of New Eden has been transformed by the growth of the Capsuleer space pilot community. In YC120, the Capsuleers are at the forefront of space colonization and the exploration of new frontiers, making Capsuleer Day XV a moment for celebrations across New Eden.
t 42747  Executioner Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)

t 45754  Executioner Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 44135  Executioner Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)

t 43483  Executioner Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)

t 34722  Executioner Kador SKIN (Permanent)

t 42545  Executioner Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)

t 37485  Executioner Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)

t 42748  Inquisitor Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)

t 45755  Inquisitor Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 44136  Inquisitor Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)

t 47495  Inquisitor Hunter's Quiver SKIN (Permanent)
Hunters using arrows to catch their prey is a common enough theme in the history and legends of New Eden. A quiver of arrows ready for use is echoed in the stylized patterning of this nanocoating. The hunt for prey no longer involves arrows but the thrill of the chase remains as primal an emotion as it was for the hunters of ancient tales.
t 43484  Inquisitor Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)

t 34723  Inquisitor Khanid SKIN (Permanent)

t 48218  Inquisitor Luminaire Zenith SKIN (Permanent)
The rays of Luminaire's light shining varicolored through the ancient forests of Gallente Prime at the sun's zenith are evoked by this nanocoating symbolically celebrating the extent of the Gallente Federation's spread across the stars.
t 42546  Inquisitor Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)

t 37486  Inquisitor Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)

t 34724  Inquisitor Tash-Murkon SKIN (Permanent)

t 34725  Magnate Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)

t 42749  Magnate Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)

t 45756  Magnate Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 44137  Magnate Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)

t 46707  Magnate Headhunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 43485  Magnate Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)

t 42547  Magnate Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)

t 37487  Magnate Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)

t 34726  Magnate Sarum SKIN (Permanent)

t 49151  Magnate Serene Hao SKIN (Permanent)
In the Achuran way of living Serene Senism, the concept of "Hao" represents the unconquered vastness of the sky, a suitable theme for the exploration-oriented Magnate.

The Achura have a rich cultural heritage that is more diverse than outsiders may realize, the philosopher Sen Taysun spent much of his time travelling from monastery to monastery, climbing some of the highest peaks of the planet Achura (Saisio III) in order to experience the different traditions of the many contemplative orders of the world.

Sen Taysun found particular solace and inspiration in the austere yet profoundly optimistic views of the collectivist monks of the Serene Mountain Monastery. The philosopher later developed a way of living that became popular with the middle classes of various Achura states, and provided a foundation for a developing rule of law that would succeed the warlordism that dominated Achuran politics.

t 34727  Magnate Tash-Murkon SKIN (Permanent)

t 49798  Punisher Chromodynamic Candy SKIN (Permanent)
The Chromodynamic Candy Company was a shortlived attempt by a group of Intaki and Ni-Kunni confectionary businesses to leverage the interest in chromodynamic tricarboxyls into a marketing scheme for their new range of festival candies. The intent of selling a range of candies to celebrate the Yoiul Festival, and a variety of local holidays and festivals, fell apart after rumors spread that the candies were laced with the notorious "Deathglow", a hallucinogenic drug manufactured using certain types of chromodynamic tricarboxyls.

While the candies were an abject failure, the striking and colourful livery produced for the promotional campaign still found its way into the hands of capsuleers as a nanocoating that could be used on a variety of popular ships.

t 42750  Punisher Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)

t 48830  Punisher Cordite Blossom SKIN (Permanent)
Released as a tribute to a renowned Imperial Armaments weapons designer who was lost in battle during live field testing in mid YC120, this nanocoating was produced in limited numbers for just eight hulls that have drawn influence (either directly or more controversially) from his highly successful design work over the years.

The fade from deep black to vibrant yellow pays homage to the color produced by Standard frequency crystals, which are used in weapons testing to form a baseline damage profile for prototype energy turrets. The nanocoating is also adorned with a crest of crimson roses, the symbol of the Imperial house to which he belonged.

Among the hulls that this nanocoating was commissioned for is the Punisher, the staple anti-frigate and fighter patrol platform of the Imperial Navy, which is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of a light turret-based weapons platform ever designed.

β€œTo serve your craft with such skill and tenacity is worthy of the deepest reverence. To pour your very heart and soul into your work is truly divine.”

Kefsooda Arkih, - CEO, Imperial Armaments.

t 45757  Punisher Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 44138  Punisher Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)

t 53207  Punisher Harmonious Ascension SKIN (Permanent)
"After four years of harmonious and profitable business across the four empires of New Eden, the Upwell Consortium is pleased to announce the formation of a new capsule construction, pilot adaptation and advanced training operation. It is the hope of the Upwell Consortium that Harmonious Ascension Industries will become a leading force in the provision of support and services to capsuleers.

To celebrate this event, the Upwell Consortium has authorized the issuing of a commemorative nanocoating for pilots in the first wave of new capsuleers outfitted by Harmonious Ascension."

– Upwell Consortium Press Release, YC121.11.14

t 43486  Punisher Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)

t 34728  Punisher Kador SKIN (Permanent)

t 44200  Punisher Khanid SKIN (Permanent)

t 42548  Punisher Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)

t 37488  Punisher Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)

t 34729  Punisher Tash-Murkon SKIN (Permanent)

t 34730  Tormentor Ardishapur SKIN (Permanent)

t 42751  Tormentor Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)

t 45758  Tormentor Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 44139  Tormentor Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)

t 43487  Tormentor Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)

t 42549  Tormentor Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)

t 37489  Tormentor Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)

t 34731  Tormentor Sarum SKIN (Permanent)


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