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Market Items

Image DEFAULT Name Market Price
t 50152  Erebus Caille Neon SKIN (Permanent)
The permanently crowded streets of Caille are lit by uncounted kilometers of neon lighting by night. Indeed, some sections of the cultural capital of the Gallente Federation are so deep within the canyon-like avenues of the Caille megalopolis that they are streaked through with neon colours at every hour of the day. This pattern is seen in many Gallente cities but Caille remains the most astonishing example in the Federation.

The Caille Neon nanocoating echoes and celebrates the glowing vibrancy of Federation streetlife, providing a striking livery option for pilots of Gallente ships.

t 47643  Erebus Capsuleer Elite XV SKIN (Permanent)
The Capsuleers are considered an elite group across New Eden and this gilded nanocoating marks that status on Capsuleer Day XV. The YC120 celebrations are the 15th anniversary of the dawn of the Capsuleer Age and the opening up of New Eden's frontiers by immortal clone space pilots. Capsuleer Day XV is a moment for celebration of "The Elite" across New Eden.
t 34674  Erebus Duvolle SKIN (Permanent)

t 50079  Erebus Eros Blossom SKIN (Permanent)
Traditional imagery of the petals of a blossom long associated with love and desire adorn the flanks of any ship using this romantically charged nanocoating from the Guardian Angels. Whether those choosing to display this tribute to the Eros Blossom are celebrating a love held close or are seeking another to receive their devotion is left to the observer to decide.
t 45921  Erebus Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 46967  Erebus Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)

t 47540  Erebus Glittering Dream SKIN (Permanent)
The Glittering Dream nightclub is one of the most famous venues situated on Caille's astounding Crystal Boulevard, noted for the exclusivity of its clientele as much as for an architecture that triples down on the synthetic diamond setting of the boulevard it sits on.

A major tourist attraction, the sparkling slabs of the Crystal Boulevard obscure a deep, dark purpose as beneath it lies the continuity of government and military command bunker complex for the planet of Gallente Prime.

Similarly, the towering triple helix spire of the Glittering Dream nightclub, fashioned without and within from expensive crystalline carbonides, appears to be just a high-class nightclub. Here though is where the political, military, business and even criminal elite of Luminaire meet to discuss their most secret affairs in assurance of privacy and confidentiality.

t 49428  Erebus Headhunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 52756  Erebus Inner Zone Vanguard SKIN (Permanent)
Inner Zone Shipping has increased its internal security forces in the wake of the instability and increased threats to space travel posed by pirate activity, Drifter attacks and the Triglavian invasion.

The Inner Zone Vanguard clear shipping routes of likely threats and provide a rapid response should IZS transports be attacked.

t 36375  Erebus Intaki Syndicate SKIN (Permanent)

t 34675  Erebus InterBus SKIN (Permanent)

t 46433  Erebus Kopis Edge SKIN (Permanent)

t 52440  Erebus Police SKIN (Permanent)

t 45582  Erebus Ruby Sungrazer SKIN (Permanent)

t 46551  Erebus Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN (Permanent)

t 42190  Erebus Serpentis SKIN (Permanent)

t 44939  Erebus Spirit SKIN (Permanent)

t 37586  Erebus Valimor Legacy SKIN (Permanent)


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