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Market Items

Image DEFAULT Name Market Price
t 42793  Aeon Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)

t 36316  Aeon EoM SKIN (Permanent)

t 47289  Aeon Eros Blossom SKIN (Permanent)
Traditional imagery of the petals of a blossom long associated with love and desire adorn the flanks of any ship using this romantically charged nanocoating from the Guardian Angels. Whether those choosing to display this tribute to the Eros Blossom are celebrating a love held close or are seeking another to receive their devotion is left to the observer to decide.
t 45802  Aeon Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 46811  Aeon Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)

t 49422  Aeon Headhunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 43522  Aeon Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)

t 34649  Aeon Khanid SKIN (Permanent)

t 49823  Aeon Lavacore Imperial SKIN (Permanent)
The Amarr Empire has been exploiting lava planets for the rich resources to be had from the constant churn of magma for ages past. The vast territories controlled by the Amarr contain hundreds of such planets and the expertise of their planetary extraction engineers in the field of lava planet mining is well known across New Eden.

Empress Catiz I's own family, House Tash-Murkon, has considerable interests in the mining industries and is noted for its extensive harvesting of resources from the many lava planets it directly controls through its regional fief. The "Lavacore Imperial" nanocoating is testament to the flaming riches of the Amarr Empire's lava planets and the vast wealth that the Empress herself has derived from such worlds.

t 42593  Aeon Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)

t 37522  Aeon Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)

t 34650  Aeon Sarum SKIN (Permanent)

t 48366  Aeon Star Captain SKIN (Permanent)

t 42792  Archon Cold Iron SKIN (Permanent)

t 36315  Archon EoM SKIN (Permanent)

t 45801  Archon Exoplanets Hunter SKIN (Permanent)

t 46810  Archon Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)

t 47496  Archon Hunter's Quiver SKIN (Permanent)
Hunters using arrows to catch their prey is a common enough theme in the history and legends of New Eden. A quiver of arrows ready for use is echoed in the stylized patterning of this nanocoating. The hunt for prey no longer involves arrows but the thrill of the chase remains as primal an emotion as it was for the hunters of ancient tales.
t 46539  Archon Imperial Jubilee SKIN (Permanent)
The jubilee of an Amarr ruler's coronation is a high holiday in the Imperial Calendar and is celebrated across the Amarr Empire. The ancient tradition of flying banners of purple and gold to show loyalty to the Imperial Throne is echoed in these nanocoatings that bear the coronation crest of Empress Catiz I.
t 43521  Archon Ironblood SKIN (Permanent)

t 34647  Archon Kador SKIN (Permanent)

t 42592  Archon Purity of the Throne SKIN (Permanent)

t 37521  Archon Raata Sunset SKIN (Permanent)

t 47309  Archon Spirit SKIN (Permanent)

t 52589  Archon Star Captain SKIN (Permanent)

t 34648  Archon Tash-Murkon SKIN (Permanent)


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