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Market Items

Image DEFAULT Name Market Price
t 43760  Rorqual Amarr Industrial Livery SKIN (Permanent)

t 43813  Rorqual Angel Industrial Livery SKIN (Permanent)

t 43826  Rorqual Blood Raider Industrial Livery SKIN (Permanent)

t 43773  Rorqual Caldari Industrial Livery SKIN (Permanent)

t 44071  Rorqual Claim Foreman SKIN (Permanent)

t 42652  Rorqual Digmaster Blazon SKIN (Permanent)

t 46547  Rorqual Forgemaster SKIN (Permanent)

t 43787  Rorqual Gallente Industrial Livery SKIN (Permanent)

t 46992  Rorqual Glacial Drift SKIN (Permanent)

t 43839  Rorqual Guristas Industrial Livery SKIN (Permanent)

t 46742  Rorqual Lodestrike SKIN (Permanent)
To mark the successful development, construction and firing of the Upwell Consortium's new moon drilling technology, ORE fleets dedicated to mining asteroids produced by blasting moon chunks apart adopted a special new livery. The striking design shows off the association of any ship bearing it with the awesome power of the moon drill beam and blast technology.
t 43800  Rorqual Minmatar Industrial Livery SKIN (Permanent)

t 42625  Rorqual Morphite Shine SKIN (Permanent)

t 34646  Rorqual Nocx Rush SKIN (Permanent)

t 42682  Rorqual Paydirt Prospector SKIN (Permanent)

t 43674  Rorqual Rosada Dawn SKIN (Permanent)

t 43852  Rorqual Sansha Industrial Livery SKIN (Permanent)

t 48735  Rorqual Sovereign Claim SKIN (Permanent)
ORE's highly successful Rorqual mining operation support capital ship has played a significant role in the exploitation of mineral asteroids across New Eden for over a decade. The "Sovereign Claim" nanocoating is a suitably glittering celebration of this wealth-creating ship design in YC120, as the vessel continues its central role in ORE's lineup of mining operations vessels.

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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