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Structure Acceleration Coils
Materials needed for the construction of warp or engineering related facilities in a space structure.
Structure Advertisement Nexus
Components for the construction of advertisement facilities in a space structure.
Structure Construction Parts
Assorted parts of metal, textiles, composite fabrics and miscellaneous machinery - the basic building blocks for the assembly and operation of a space outpost.
Structure Docking Bay
Mechanical components required for the construction of an outpost docking bay.
Structure Electromagnetic Sensor
Materials required for the construction of intelligence or electronics related facilities in a space structure.
Structure EXERT Conduit Coupler
A novel structure component developed by the Upwell Consortium and used in the construction of faster-than-light transport devices such as jump gates.

The EXERT Conduit Coupler is derived from experiments based on analysis of Triglavian spatiotemporal filament and conduit gate technology. While replication of Triglavian FTL transport technology has proved challenging, a method of enhancing the establishment of stable wormhole links between point-to-point devices, like jump gates, has been developed using the so-called "exotic entangled reaction transmission" principle.

The EXERT Conduit Coupler has been integrated into the improved jump gate technology offered by Upwell to capsuleer end-users.

Structure Factory
Materials required for the construction of factory facilities in a space outpost.
Structure Hangar Array
Components for the construction of individualized ship and module hangars in space outposts.
Structure Laboratory
Construction materials and research tools for space outpost laboratories.
Structure Market Network
Market access electronics and secure storage facilities of market goods for space outposts.
Structure Medical Center
Medicine, anaesthetics, surgical supplies and complete cloning facilities for space outposts.
Structure Mission Network
A computerized interface allowing people to barter goods and services with the outpost acting as centralized broker and data bank.
Structure Office Center
Materials for the construction of dozens of offices, as well as computer systems and supplies needed for their day-to-day running.
Structure Repair Facility
Lathes, grinders, riveting machines, uncoilers, and various other pieces of machinery required for the operation of an outpost repair facility.
Structure Reprocessing Plant
Parts required for the construction of a space outpost materials refinery.
Structure Storage Bay
One of the myriad construction components required for the building of space outposts.

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