Starbase Structures

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Weapon Batteries
Weapon Batteries
Assembly Arrays
Blueprints of Assembly Arrays.
Compression Array
Blueprint of the Compression Array.
Control Towers
Blueprints of Control Towers.
Corporate Hangar Arrays
Blueprints of Corporate Hangar Arrays.
Cynosural Generator Arrays
Blueprints of Cynosural Generator Arrays.
Cynosural System Jammers
Blueprints of Cynosural System Jammers.
Jump Bridge
Blueprints of Jump Bridge.
Blueprints of Laboratories.
Moon Harvesting Arrays
Blueprints of Moon Harvesting Arrays.
Personal Hangar Arrays
Blueprints of Personal Hangar Arrays.
Blueprints of Reactors.
Reprocessing Arrays
Blueprints of Reprocessing Arrays.
Shield Hardening Arrays
Blueprints of Shield Hardening Arrays.
Ship Maintenance Arrays
Ship Maintenance Arrays
Blueprints of Silos.

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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