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“Some capsuleers claim that ECM is 'dishonorable' and 'unfair'.
Jam those ones first, and kill them last.”
- Jirai 'Fatal' Laitanen, Pithum Nullifier Training Manual c. YC104

Famously one of the most flexible and compact rapid-attack ships in the New Eden cluster, the Enforcer-class cruiser is iconic due to its repeated appearances in anticrime and recruitment media issued by CONCORD.

With a core design based on a combination of the Moa and Vexor cruiser subframes, CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department became concerned early in the Drifter Crisis that the ship could no longer meet its needs. The Enforcer joined other ship classes in the DED inventory as part of CONCORD Aerospace's "Force Majeure Program" to develop enhanced variants.

While CONCORD Aerospace successfully upgraded the Enforcer and other DED vessels with hyper-advanced technology, the program became a severe drain on CONCORD's resources. Consequently, the Inner Circle authorized a limited release of the Enforcer, stripped of CONCORD's advanced rapid-deployment and electronic warfare suites, to the capsuleer market via authorized dealers.

The Moracha is what goes bump in the night. Built to be the ultimate tool of piracy and terror, this Recon Ship combines the electronic warfare and covert abilities of its class with the speed and ferocity that Angel Cartel cruisers are known for. The first ever capsuleer ship to use the Ixion ship hull, the distinctive appearance of the Moracha goes along with incredible combat capabilities that make it ideal for both solo and wolfpack hunting.
Based on the Triglavian Vedmak-class cruiser, the Tiamat is an experimental vessel from the Society of Conscious Thought that melds elements of Society technology and design philosophy, with the underlying hull and unique Triglavian systems. In particular, support for covert ops cloaking and scan probe technology was added to the ship's already formidable array of capabilities.

In mid YC120, the SoCT provided limited numbers of blueprints for the experimental Tiamat design as part of their sponsorship of the capsuleer Alliance Tournament XVI.

The Serpentis Corporation spared no expense when they contracted the Guardian Angels to create a new line of ultra-exclusive cruisers intended to replace their internal executive fleet of
Victorieux Luxury Yachts leased from the Intaki Syndicate. These ships would need to maintain the exquisite luxury and discretion of the yachts while adding devastating combat ability to ensure that Serpentis Corporation VIPs never find themselves outgunned.

The final ship design delivered by the Cartel engineers included covert ops cloaking capability, powerful hybrid turret hardpoints, and stasis webifier capabilities unmatched by any other ship in the history of New Eden.

The first Victor-class Force Recon Ship to complete construction was claimed by Salvador Sarpati himself to serve as his personal cruiser.


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