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A limited run of these ships was released to capsuleers at the end of YC 112, as a platform to utilize an influx of Purloined Sansha Data Analyzers that CONCORD had acquired. CONCORD's hope was that capsuleers could find a way to use the hardware against Sansha forces as they began mounting organized incursions into territories across the cluster.

The specialized nature of the hardware in Sansha Data Analyzer technology makes it incompatible with standard data buses, but this ship's unique hull design has an adaptive synchronization suite that allows it to interface with a wide range of non-standard hardware. CONCORD has remained silent on the origin of this design, but a number of amateur analysts maintain that ships of very similar configuration, carrying SCC and DED transponders, have been observed covertly on multiple prior occasions.

The Echo is a small vessel, designed by the Angel Cartel to be easily missed in the heat of battle, while posing a viable threat in combat. As such, it is intended to rush in with guns blazing and subsequently escape without being eaten up by larger ships.
Gold Magnate
This ship is a masterly designed frigate as well as an exquisite piece of art. The Magnate class has been the pet project of a small, elite group of royal ship engineers for over a decade. When the Gold Magnate was offered as a prize in the Amarr Championships in YC105, the long years of expensive research were paid off with the deployment of this beautiful ship.
The first Gold Magnate was awarded to Ecliptical to honor his success as Doriam Kor-Azor's champion in YC105. That famous vessel was eventually sold to Tyrrax Thorrk and met its demise at the hands of Lord Zap, DrStrangelove, Motaka and Omniwar, four of the legendary pirates of the m0o corporation.

The news that four more Gold Magnates were being produced for the new Amarr Succession Championship taking place in YC117 and YC118 has recently brought this storied ship back into the spotlight, and has electrified the hopes and dreams of wealthy collectors and elite capsuleers across the cluster.

The Hematos is one of the smallest Blood Raider vessels in existence, though that doesn't make its appearance any less terrifying to the hapless innocents it may encounter. Like a spider, it is built to trap and drain any victim careless enough to wander into its clutches.

The Hematos is often employed by novice ship captains and staffed with crew that may not quite have mastered the art of bloodletting, which goes some way to explain its saturation of onboard cleaning systems.

The Immolator is a small ship, designed by the upper (read: unslaved) echelon of Sansha's Nation to serve as a good entry for those pilots new to the glory of Nation. It excels in picking off smaller targets and hitting them hard with energy beams.
Silver Magnate
This decoratively designed ship is a luxury in its own class. The Magnate frigate has been the pet project of a small, elite group of royal ship engineers for a decade. Over the long years of expensive research, the design process has gone through several stages, and each stage has set a new standard in frigate design. The Silver Magnate, offered as a reward in the Amarr Championships in YC105 and YC118, is one of the most impressive iterations in this line of masterworks.
The Taipan is one of the smaller types of Gurista vessels. While the design is based on a pre-existing Caldari ship type - the Guristas delight in stealing anything they can from their hated enemies - its internal workings have been heavily modified. Not content to rely on the Caldari's focus on missile combat, the Guristas have added the drone power of the Gallente.
The Violator is one of the smallest of the Serpentis vessels. Its design was unceremoniously stolen from the Gallente, though its inner workings have been adapted to fit the piratical lifestyle of the Serpentis: In addition to its excellent hybrid damage, it is capable of webbing its opponents and holding them down for a further beating.
The Zephyr is a unique starship design, relying almost entirely on solar winds for sublight propulsion. Super-light sails allow it to ride the torrents of photons streaming through space, and its barebones construction gives it a tiny sensor footprint and almost negligible mass.

Originally conceived by the ascetic Intaki polymath Valsas en Dilat as a demonstration of minimalist starship design, it was never intended as a commercial venture. The recent discovery of the uncharted Sleeper Territories and their myriad wormholes has brought the Zephyr new attention - its mass makes it an ideal exploration vessel.

Valsas remains adamant that the Zephyr never sees mass production, but at the close of YC111 he authorized the Intaki Syndicate to distribute a single hull to every registered capsuleer.


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