Weapon Upgrades

Parent groups: Market > Ship Equipment > Turrets & Bays
Sister groups: Energy Turrets | Hybrid Turrets | Missile Launchers | Precursor Turrets | Projectile Turrets | Superweapons | Weapon Upgrades | Bomb Launchers

Ballistic Control Systems
Systems designed to improve missile launcher efficiency.
Entropic Radiation Sinks
Increases damage and rate of fire for Entropic Disintegrators
Systems designed to improve projectile weapon efficiency.
Heat Sinks
Systems designed to improve laser weapon efficiency.
Magnetic Field Stabilizers
Systems designed to improve hybrid weapon efficiency.
Missile Guidance Computers

Missile Guidance Enhancers

Remote Tracking Computers
Designed to give a boost to another ship's tracking speed.
Siege Modules
Modules designed to augment and enhance a capital ship's siege warfare abilities.
Tracking Computers
Computerized systems designed to improve turret tracking.
Tracking Enhancers
Hardwired systems designed to improve turret tracking.

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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