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Armor Hardeners
Electronically enhanced armor plating augmentation.
Armor Plates
Reinforced armor plates for additional protection.
Armor Repairers
Nano-assembler technology at its best. Repair armor on the fly.
Energized Plating
An advanced form of mechanically enhanced armor plating upgrades.
Hull Repairers
For on-the-fly structural restoration.
Hull Upgrades
Hull modifications with various applications.
Remote Armor Repairers
Patch up your comrades at a distance.
Remote Hull Repairers
Repair the hulls of your allies at range, always handy after those close call situations.
Resistance Plating
Mechanically enhanced armor plating augmentation.
Damage Controls
Containment field emitters and redundancy systems for prevention of critical system damage.
Energized Armor Layering
Energized Armor Layering
Layered Plating
Layered Plating
Mass Entanglers
Mass Entanglers lower ship mass at the cost of ship velocity.
Mutadaptive Remote Armor Repairers


Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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