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Caldari Navy Hookbill
Long struggling with a reputation for being the ugly duckling of the Caldari ship repertoire, the Hookbill recently got a new lease on life, being upgraded from a routine patrol vessel into a fleet-standard frigate. With the advancements brought on by the upgrade, the time is nigh for this little slugger to prove itself on battlefields throughout Caldari space and beyond.
Crucifier Navy Issue
As YC117 came to a close, the Imperial Navy found itself facing the most significant series of crises in over seven years. The loss of Empress Jamyl Sarum to the hostile and enigmatic Drifter fleet followed by further Drifter incursions into the Empire left the Navy stretched thin and barely able to keep up with the demands of defending the throne worlds. In response to these challenges, the Empire has turned to their Capsuleer allies for support in their time of need.

The Crucifier Navy Issue is the first Navy vessel to be designed for Capsuleer use first and traditional navy use second. It combines powerful laser systems with overwhelming weapon disruption at close ranges, designed to meet the realities of capsuleer combat in the contested low security regions where the Empire's borders are in most need of bolstering.

Federation Navy Comet
The Comet's design comes from one Arnerore Rylerave, an engineer and researcher of the Roden Shipyards corporation. Originally created as a standard-issue police patrol vessel, its tremendous maneuverability and great offensive capabilities catapulted it into the Navy's ranks, where it is now a widely-used skirmish vessel.
Griffin Navy Issue
The Griffin Navy Issue represents a new experiment in close-range tactics from the Caldari Navy. Combining deadly hybrid weapon systems with electronic countermeasure systems optimized for short range combat has allowed the Griffin Navy Issue to surprise hostile forces with uncharacteristically aggressive tactics.
Imperial Navy Slicer
The Slicer is the Imperial Navy's pride and joy, and one of its biggest weapons in the continual fight against Matari insurgents. Boasting tremendous range and versatility in equipment fittings, a great deal of armor strength and a powerful capacitor, the skilled Slicer pilot is able to take out most frigates with ease.
Maulus Navy Issue
The Maulus Navy Issue is the result of the Federation Navy's decision to pivot towards increased support for their Capsuleer allies in the contested low-security constellations across Black Rise and Placid. Borrowing innovative concepts from local pirate bands, Gallente engineers developed a ship capable of extremely powerful warp scrambling alongside respectable combat abilities.
Republic Fleet Firetail
The Firetail is modeled off a fighter frigate known as the Shamrock, a design used by a small, now-extinct pirate faction known as Lazari Dromitus. The blueprint found its way into the hands of Matari military forces after a raid on Lazari Dromitus's headquarters succeeded in killing its leader, thus beheading the organization and scattering its remnants to the four winds. It has since been improved upon and upgraded, and the Firetail is now a mainstay in most Republic Fleet patrols.
Vigil Fleet Issue
The Vigil Fleet Issue is the latest development from the Republic Fleet's innovative R&D labs. Designed with the demands of Capsuleer loyalist corporations in mind, this aggressive ship is intended to support new offensive operations into the Empire's vulnerable constellations in The Bleak Lands and Devoid regions. Long range stasis webifiers and high speed allow the Vigil Fleet Issue to chase down and catch the most evasive prey and pull them into range of its deadly rocket launchers.

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