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Biotech Research Reports
As the core fundamentals of organic life constantly evolve and develop on micro and macro levels, the constant production and distribution of biotech research is a mandatory part of ongoing advances in countless scientific disciplines.
6,00 100.892,29
Camera Drones
Most visibly used in starship development, especially on capsuleer craft, other types of camera drones are also employed in the fields of nano-medicine, surveillance, and entertainment.
6,00 97.164,52
Oxidized coolant is required to produce the temperatures needed to force rare particles to condense out of ordinary matter, which is the most economic way to produce valuable base elements in bulk.
6,00 40.148,41
Cryoprotectant Solution
The base elements present in certain synthetic oils can, at extreme temperatures, produce habitable environments for genetically engineered extremophile. The byproduct of their rapid life-death cycle is a highly thermal resistant solution ideal for hybrid electronics.
6,00 122.832,23
Data Chips
A small wafer of semiconductor material that forms the base for an integrated circuit.
6,00 94.851,30
Gel-Matrix Biopaste
Gel-matrix biopaste is a highly unstable substance that must be formed from elements that don't combine under normal circumstances. Forcing them to do so requires enormous amounts of energy, but the end product is invaluable to high-end electronics and cybernetic medicine.
6,00 107.144,01
Guidance Systems
An electrical device used in targeting systems and tracking computers.
6,00 79.300,17
Hazmat Detection Systems
A critical component of space stations, starships, or any other isolated environment, these tiny devices are set to trigger alarms when the genetically engineered viruses inside mutate — which means that they've encountered a significant dose of radiation, natural contaminant, or airborne pathogen, signifying that the surrounding crew is in danger.
6,00 112.406,48
Hermetic Membranes
How do you make a sheet of material absolutely impermeable to specific particles? Simple: You make the material want to stop those particles. Such is the case with hermetic membranes, supertensile fabrics instilled with living genetic material that actively hunts down and absorbs or repels whatever they were bred to counteract.
6,00 97.062,67
High-Tech Transmitters
An electronic device that generates and amplifies a carrier wave, modulates it with a meaningful signal derived from speech or other sources, and radiates the resulting signal from an antenna. The High-Tech prototype is almost immune to any type of de-scrambling devices, making the transmission more secure.
6,00 98.148,73
Industrial Explosives
The primary difference between military and industrial explosives is that the latter are effective only when used in bulk, and they are never sold or transported with “ready to use” detonators. As such, they must be carefully installed, primed, and triggered from remote locations before their full destructive force can be applied.
6,00 75.093,15
As an essential component of the navigational and tactical interface of spaceships, Neocoms are a small but essential cornerstone of the interstellar economy.
6,00 97.412,61
Nuclear Reactors
This power core is able to convert heavy elements into electricity by way of nuclear fission, splitting atoms to produce thermal energy on a massive scale. If they are properly shielded and cooled, there are few safer, cleaner ways to power buildings or large vehicles.
6,00 83.798,84
Planetary Vehicles
Tracked, wheeled and hover vehicles used within planetary atmosphere for personal and business use.
6,00 114.775,73
These pre-programmed or remote control mechanical tools are commonly used in mass production facilities, hazardous material handling, or dangerous front line military duties such as bomb disarming and disposal.
6,00 91.899,08
Smartfab Units
These tiny cubes form the building blocks of many simple structures, from basic walls and doors to entire homes and even industrial office spaces. Whenever a sufficient number of smartfab units are placed together and have been programmed with the same instructions, they will automatically combine to form some portion of that object and then become inert in their new form. With adequately detailed blueprints, there is theoretically no limit to the complexity of object or structure these clever devices can create.
6,00 92.303,58
When an individual computer system incorporates a wide range of networked utilities, layered processors, and redundant memory cores, it is said to have evolved into a supercomputer. Such systems can be put to use managing spaceships, starbases, or even entire planetary administrations.
6,00 110.196,56
Synthetic Synapses
The wide range of uses for synthetic synapses is largely due to the fact that they are able to serve double duty as electrical conduits and as replacements or additions to biological nervous systems. This allows them to be used in computers, cybernetics, and artificial intelligence equipment.
6,00 98.749,47
Transcranial Microcontrollers
The Transcranial Microcontroller was originally developed by the School of Applied Knowledge with funds from several humanitarian organizations to help catatonics regain consciousness and resume their lives, though in a limited capacity. The microcontroller, which can be used both in humans and machines, proved to be a great success and the Ishukone corporation stepped in and bought the rights to the chip several months ago. Since then, further studies by Ishukone technicians have revealed several additional ways the microcontroller can be used, such as control mechanisms in robots for industrial usage. Experts claim that the microchip does not offer higher efficiency in the robots compared to already established methods due to its reliance of a biomechanical host system.
6,00 71.444,01
Ukomi Superconductors
Highly isolated coils with minimal friction, used in high-voltage electrical devices. The Ukomi Superconductors are a new brand developed and manufactured by the Kaalakiota corporation. Today every Caldari station has a stockpile of these highly rated Superconductors, which are in quite high demand in most foreign black markets due to their superior technology.
6,00 47.400,02
Living creatures can be trained to defend themselves from harmful diseases by introducing a minute sample of pathological strains, tremendously improving their immune systems and allowing them to endure prolonged exposure to harmful contagions.
6,00 84.957,90

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