Starbase Structures

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Weapon Batteries
Stationary weapon batteries for starbase defense.
Assembly Arrays
Structures which house manufacturing facilities.
Compression Array
Anchorable compression structures.
Control Towers
The starbase's backbone.
Corporate Hangar Array
Communal hangar structures with divisional compartments.
Cynosural Generator Array
A lighthouse in the sea of nothing, casting its cynosural light out to far-off ships.
Cynosural System Jammer
The lock and key to a system's highway of cynosural passage.
Jump Bridge
A bridge of light, spanning the cold and empty void between the stars.
Structures with research facilities.
Moon Harvesting Arrays
Deployable arrays designed to gather minerals from moons.
Personal Hangar Arrays
A large hangar structure, for easy storage of materials and modules.
Deployable structures where chemical processes take place.
Reprocessing Arrays
Anchorable reprocessing structures.
Shield Hardening Arrays
Anchorable structures for the boosting of a control tower's shield resistances.
Ship Maintenance Arrays
Mobile hangar and fitting structures.
For storing or providing resources, or regulating material flow in industrial processes.
System Scanning Array
A system-wide intelligence gathering array.

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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