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Proteus Propulsion - Hyperspatial Optimization
This subsystem improves the agility and warp speed of a Proteus-class Strategic Cruiser. With the influx of fullerene-based polymers and the discovery of Sleeper drone technology, the same fundamental principles once only sparingly employed in advance scout vessels such as Covert Ops and Interceptors could be re-applied to modular Tech III vessels. Although the Caldari claim to have been the first to successfully reverse-engineer these subsystems, the Federation argues that they were the first to deliver the breakthrough. Despite the contention, neither party seems keen to publicize the research data necessary to back their respective claims.
Proteus Propulsion - Interdiction Nullifier
Dubbed the “interdiction nullifier” by the Guristas, who suffered its first introduction on the battlefield, this subsystem grants a startling and unprecedented capability; an immunity to non-targeted interdiction such as mobile warp disruptors and interdiction spheres.

The origins of the first “nullifier” designs are shrouded in mystery, but the subsystem's initial production of is thought to have taken place soon after the wormhole openings, and well before the technology became widespread knowledge. Not long after the first Tengu were designed, the Caldari Navy intercepted emergency transmissions from Guristas fleets across Venal, Tenal and Vale of the Silent. All of the reports made mention of Loki-class vessels slipping past defensive deployments and into core Guristas territory despite all efforts to stop the ships or slow them down.

Following these reports, rumors spread that other groups began to discover and implement this extraordinary new technology, and yet of all the factions that leapt upon the opportunity, none were so eager or ruthless in their own race to capitalize as the independent capsuleer and pirate organizations that make the nullsec frontiers their home.

Proteus Propulsion - Localized Injectors
This subsystem uses molecular-level nanotubes to increase the combustive efficiency of afterburners and microwarpdrives. Fuel is injected locally in a far more effective and controllable manner, thereby reducing the draw on the capacitor system and increasing heat tolerances during active operation.

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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