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Loki Offensive - Launcher Efficiency Configuration
Adaptation and innovation go hand-in-hand, and this subsystem is a prime example of both ideas. While researching Sleeper drone weapon systems, a group of Minmatar engineers discovered that Sleeper launcher hardpoint design allowed for a vast increase to the rate of fire without increasing powergrid requirements. The resulting subsystem allows the Loki to achieve some of the most aggressive missile configurations seen on any cruiser.
Loki Offensive - Projectile Scoping Array
Scoping arrays were mostly out of fashion in recent ship design, but Sleeper technology has brought them somewhat back into vogue. Based upon the remarkable flexibility fullerene-based technology, Sleeper-based scoping arrays allowed projectile weaponry to produce longer-ranged accuracy without reducing the weapon's rate-of-fire. While a resurgence of scoping arrays is not expected, this subsystem certainly shows its uses in modern warfare.
Loki Offensive - Support Processor
After countless failed projects over the years, the dream of linking fleets with sub-Battlecruiser hulls was eventually shelved and relegated to the realm of engineering theory. It remained this way for some time, tempting few starship manufacturers to revisit the challenge, even after the discovery of ancient Sleeper designs and the influx of fullerene-based technology. It was not until the first Strategic Cruiser hulls began appearing in small numbers across the empires that they began to truly appreciate the potential Tech III vessels had for modifications.

Not long after, the first support processor housing became a reality, capable of mounting command bursts and repair projectors with equal ease. Although what it delivered as a standalone unit was undoubtedly impressive, what would count more in time was the way it served as a catalyst. The unit demonstrated to the wider spacefaring industry that the possibilities for Tech III ships were broader than first imagined, and in doing so, it heralded the beginning of even more radical and innovative designs.


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