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Proteus Defensive - Augmented Plating
Although this subsystem uses the same armor nano-assemblers as standard empire technology, various optimizations have been made. Taking full advantage of recently discovered Sleeper designs, the use of fullerene-based technology has allowed for the combination of far more compact and resilient armor components.
Proteus Defensive - Covert Reconfiguration
From the moment Strategic Cruisers became a reality, there were whispers amongst the scientific community about the potential for advances in cloaking technology. They remained that alone for the longest time, with few involved in the reverse engineering process willing to share any news of their discoveries. Everyone knew that, should the technology ever become a reality, the capabilities of the new Strategic Cruisers would change overnight.

To many Gallente and Caldari, the development of the Proteus covert reconfiguration signaled a repeat of the technological arms race that arose from the ashes of Crielere. Once again seeking a balance of power, and entirely convinced that the Caldari were attempting to reverse-engineer their own cloak-capable Strategic Cruisers, the Federation diverted immense resources to their research. Private firms and the largest of conglomerates all played a role in development, offering up prototype designs and speculative theories that collectively resulted in some of the first Covert-Capable Proteus produced. It is not known who, or what organization led the project. Nor is known when, or where, the first Covert Reconfigurations were deployed. If it had not been for capsuleers developing the same designs, most people would have remained oblivious to their existence, just the way the Federation would have preferred.

Proteus Defensive - Nanobot Injector
The advanced Sleeper-based technology in this subsystem is focused on increasing the effectiveness of a vessel's armor nanobots. When integrated into the hull of a Proteus, it offers a substantial increase in the armor output of any local repair modules fitted. Although the subsystem offers the same end result as other built-in armor repair augmentations, the technology driving it operates in a vastly different way, allowing for easy removal from its host vessel.

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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