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Proteus Core - Augmented Fusion Reactor
Comprised of countless nanomachines that enhance the energy flow from a ship's fusion reactor, this core subsystem offers a pilot the option of increasing the power grid and capacitor capacity of their vessel. Designers of Tech III vessels were initially hampered by the problem of how to design a modular ship that could swap out basic engineering upgrades on a per-need basis. This proved particularly true when it came to reinforcing a vessel's power grid and capacitor banks without the use of batteries. In the end, the provision of nanomachines constructed from fullerene-based polymers allowed for solutions that had only existed in theory up until that point.
Proteus Core - Electronic Efficiency Gate
New technologies have resulted in a noticeable increase in CPU efficiency, as better nanotech enables further miniaturization of circuits, the result of which is a marked decrease in system bottlenecking. This electronic efficiency gate capitalizes on that technology, offering a pilot greater CPU output and significantly improved sensor integrity.
Proteus Core - Friction Extension Processor
The friction extension processor capitalizes on recent advances made in fullerene-based component development. The system works on a similar design to interdiction spheres by expanding a ship's warp interdiction range. The technology behind it has existed in theory for some years, dating back to when engineers first began development of Heavy Interdiction Cruisers. They noticed an increased efficiency in the electronic disruption of fullerene molecules when combined with the static disruption energies of the spheres. When more fullerene-based materials suddenly became available, it was only a matter of further testing before theory became reality.

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