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Market Items

Image Name Volume Market Price
Ancient Coordinates Database
Recovered from the wrecked hull of a Sleeper drone, this database stands as a testament to the lasting power of their ancient technology. Not only has it managed to survive for millennia completely intact, but it has come through the violence of its bearer's destruction without even a scratch.

A brief analysis of the technology inside reveals that the database may in fact still be fully functional. The format and layout of the information within suggests it is a list of three-dimensional coordinates, charting a path to some distant place.

Although this device could hold incredibly valuable information, there would only be a handful of people in the entire cluster that could make any sense of it. Finding a buyer may not be that easy.

0,10 1.500.000,00
Neural Network Analyzer
Even millennium old, this bulky piece of equipment shows barely any sign of age. The explosion of the Sleeper drone ferrying it around doesn't seem to have affected it in any way, either. This device was clearly built to last.

A cursory analysis of the software systems within reveals that it operates as some kind of monitoring device. The specialized design suggests it was used to process vast amounts of basic data and identify anomalies.

Given its age and unique design, there would likely be very few who could make sense of the programming. Those who do recognize the value of such a component, however, would likely be willing to part with a significant sum of ISK to own it.

0,10 200.000,00
Sleeper Data Library
Found amongst the debris of an incapacitated Sleeper drone, this large device appears to be a data archive of some sort. Although the information within remains a complete mystery, it is immediately apparent that it stretches far back into time.

Small data fragments preceding each file appear to function as time-stamps. If this is indeed what they are, then this Data Library could offer a snapshot of the universe stretching back millennia.

Although it is obviously of great value in and of itself, those who have some basic understanding of interpreting the data would undoubtedly pay the most for it, should an opportunistic salvager wish to part with such a rare piece of technology.

0,10 500.000,00
Sleeper Drone AI Nexus
Rescued from the ruined hull of a Sleeper drone, this AI Nexus represents the digital soul of these strange creations. Although the technology behind the Sleeper AI is for the most part recognizable, this device offers some insight into the few mysterious aspects that are not.

As coveted as this component must be, only the foremost drone technicians in all of New Eden would be able to possibly find some use in it. There is little doubt however that the promise such a thing holds would ensure they paid a tidy sum.

0,10 5.000.000,00

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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