Ammunition & Charges

Parent groups: Market

Command Burst Charges
Command Burst Charges
Exotic Plasma Charges
Exotic Plasma Charges are used in Entropic Disintegrators
Frequency Crystals
Modulate energy into several different frequencies for beam lasers and pulse lasers
Hybrid Charges
Charges with a plasma core designed for railguns and blasters
Self-propelled projectiles with various payloads
Deployed into space for scanning or disruption purposes
Projectile Ammo
Metal-cased shells, fired by artillery guns and autocannons
Large, area of effect weapons, used by stealth bombers
Cap Booster Charges
Give an instant boost to a spaceship's capacitor
Mining Crystals
Frequency crystals custom-cut for different ore types
Nanite Repair Paste
A nanite packed-fluid, used for emergency repairs of ship modules
Scripts that allow for tuning the effects of certain modules
Structure Guided Bombs


Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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